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Planet London when to the Vigil against Hate Crime 2011 and discovered that nobody cares

New York passes Gay Marriage finally!

Among early man it was the woman who hunted for a mate

Fake it til you make it? Or do you Fake it so they stay away..

RT @planetlondon: RT @6point35:Wow, 55% - that’s quite a hefty proportion. “Half did not get Olympics tickets”-

Instead of the msg ‘Just say no’, we should be telling kids to ‘Just say anything!’ #childabuse

Black women aren’t hot apparently. Guess what the author of this piece does for a living.. via @foxnews

RT @mistressmatisse: A HuffPo piece about Korean Sex Workers rallying against police crackdowns. Brief story, but great, powerful photos …

Topless man forced to censor breasts.. via @smh_news

RT @Princess_Kali: Another thought about #slutwalks, It’s not about what women are *actually* wearing when raped, it’s that it’s EVER ev …

Spanish Ads compare women with genital cutting to sex dolls…

A really useful tool to see how to get from A to B on London buses

The 10 Worst US states to be a woman!

Sex and Disability on the Silver Screen

This is awful…. Corrective rape